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Mon Jun 8 20:14:18 EDT 2009

Whip poor will could be heard again last night. I thought I might of been hearing two birds but then the bird/birds moved much deeper into the woods and I could not confirm.

Today the b.orioles and catbirds fledged, as well as chipping sparrows and downies are seen and heard begging for food.  Waxwings  continue. Over the weekend I witnessed the male c. yellowthroat  who has been non stop singing feeding a female so it appears we have a nesting pair by the pond.  The eastern wood pewee continues to make himself known by singing and fly catching around the pond area. He is also a very grumpy pewee attacking, chasing and tumbling to the ground any bird who ventures into his airspace. :)))))))))))))

The bluebirds are onto their second clutch. The female laid her first egg exactly one week after their first clutch fledged. Yesterday I heard a ruckus by their nestbox and discovered a 3ft black rat snake in a crabapple eating  some poor robins eggs. He was not easily deterred. Early this spring I had an immature copperhead hanging around the swift cage. Very snakey around here.

American redstart has also been singing regularly behind the clinic. The last few days a barn swallow has been visiting and today was going in and out of a stone building we have by the road, not the $11,000 structure TRW put up for them last year, but a building that we gave up ever attracting them too since it has remained untouched by them for 16 years!. :)))))))))))

For Roy 
>From Jayne Amico:
6/8/09  ---- Southington yard ---- WHIP POOR WILL singing 

Jayne Amico/Southington


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