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Tue Jun 9 09:51:49 EDT 2009

6/9, Stratford yard/woods-
The male Hooded warbler is singing much less than he used to.  I actually didn't hear him for a few days so I went back to check.  He was still there and actively plucking bugs from the thick snarls of thorn bushes.
A female Downy Woodpecker has been coming to the suet with what I think is a fledgling.  Sometimes the fledgling stays in a tree and constantly calls... over and over and over.  Other times they both come to the suet feeders and the possible baby watches the mom then tries to jump down to eat also.  It is clearly a little nervous and unsure about its ability to land on small perches and be athletic.
I watched two Great Crested flycatchers either dueling or courting in a flying display of sorts.  Each individual was in a different tree, both silent.  Then they would 'jump' towards each other and bicker while flying straight up.  They went up about 20 feet, started back down, then they seperated and landed in the same tree.  It was neat to see the flashes of lime green as it is always tough for me to get good looks at them... even though they've nested back there the last two years.  The nest is in a tree cavity.
I have also certainly noticed the large amount of Waxwings around.  There is actually less now, because a few weeks ago there was a flock of at least 25 here everyday.  Sometimes upwards of 40.  There wee about 65-70 at Roosevelt Forest a couple weeks ago.  Now I see seperate flocks of about 3-10 birds.  I'd like to learn about their breeding habits.  I'm wondering, since they are alwasy in flocks, if they nest colonially.  Or with a bunch of nests within a small area.
Other birds over the last few days were Blackpoll, Yellow, Black-and-white, Redstarts, Yellowthroats, Towhees, a Willow Flycatcher (I think 6/7), Barn and NRW swallows, Cooper's hawk, Red-tails passing a vole around in the air, a random Great egret flyover and a couple Killdeer being noisey in the field across the street.
I don't enough years under my belt (not even 1 1/2 yet) to know so I ask the collective....  has this year been a big one for Blackpoll warbler?  They seem to have been abundant the last few weeks.  From what I've read, I guess they are one of the most common boreal breeders, and obviously they pass though CT on the way.  I've said before that last year I was too green to really notice, but I didn't see a male until this year.  And only a female during banding last year.
My grandmother gave me a book the other day that I bet many would enjoy, if they haven't heard of it.  It is by a guy named Paris Trail, and it is all abuot his experiences with birds while living in North Carolina.  I guess he has a couple nature based newspaper columns, and the book somewhat of an anthology of those articles.  It is fairly well written and interesting..... a good read for those terrible days like today!  It is called. 'From Hawks to Hummingbirds; Close Encounters with Birds of the North Carolina Coastal Plain' by Paris Trail.
-Brian Webster-
Stratford, CT
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