[CT Birds] After the storm ...

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Tue Jun 9 13:43:52 EDT 2009

It poured here all morning, as I assume it did all over the  state, 
complete with continual rolls of thunder.  That kept yard activity  to a minimum.  
Once the rain stopped it was obvious the birds were hungry,  particularly 
the woodpeckers and hummers. I looked out at my suet feeder to see  a 
Red-belly hanging from it with a Downie hanging on the pole waiting his  turn.  
However, as I watched a Flicker swooped down and landed on top of  the hanger, 
and a duel ensued, won, to my surprise, by the RBWO.  The  Flicker flew to a 
near-by rock and waited, but as he left, a male Hairy swooped  down to take 
his spot on the hanger, and another duel was won by the RBWO.  
I also had Hummers at most of my feeders soon after the rain  stopped.  A 
few pics at this link:
In case anyone is curious about the suet feeder, I take no  credit for it 
as I saw one set up in a yard recently, possibly someone  on the list.  
However, it is working great for me, and is worth considering  if you have 
problems with Starlings, etc. devouring everything.  It is  simply a standard suet 
feeder (from Ocean State) hung by its four corners so it  is horizontal.  I 
used wire but string or picture wire would work as well  I'm sure.  I 
loosen the suet from the plastic container it comes in but let  it slide back in. 
 I then slide the entire container and suet cake into the  hanger, open 
side down.  It can only be eaten from the bottom.   The birds took to it almost 
immediately, at least the ones it is intended  for.  Red-bellys, Flickers, 
Hairies and Downies use it with no problem, and  White-breasted Nuthatches 
do as well.  Starlings, Grackles, etc. gave up  almost immediately, and now 
have to fight with the squirrels for the crumbs that  drop to the ground.  
The Downies had a little trouble with the concept, and  the first plastic 
container was riddled with little holes, but they  adjusted.  Give it a try, it 
takes 5 minutes to set it  up.
Don Morgan
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