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Thu Jun 11 17:17:23 EDT 2009

    Today, Thursday June 11 did some birding in the all day fog up in West Hartland and other surrounding towns.
 Of note was the listless singing which I understood, for I to was listless of song and talk as well, being surrounded by the thick, wet persistent FOG!  On one trail I walked far into, I encountered a huge black bear cross in front of me. After saying hello, we  went our separate ways - in the fog. 

I did encounter more MAGNOLIA Warblers singing than any other birds cept of course Ovenbirds. I did hear GOLDEN CROWNED KINGLETS but did not see them in the tall, dense fog covered spruce tree tops. 

On my way back home, I stopped at a swamp and heard and saw an OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER. I will keep tags on this spot to look for any poss breeding signs, but for now will assume it is just a late migrant. 

Fog birding can be rewarding, but more enjoyable for me today was the quiet solitude, and the wonderful beauty and stillness of nature encountered within the deep woods and dense wet fog.

Paul Carrier

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