[CT Birds] Rotten breeding conditions, American redstarts, and woodpeckers back in Ireland

John D Babington davewb07 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jun 15 12:17:22 EDT 2009

I was reminded about the rotten conditions for breeding birds of late when I was taking a walk along the Shepaug River in the Steep Rock Preserve here in Washington (CT) yesterday. The Shepaug River was very full, high and running fast. I hope the Louisiana waterthrushs that breed along the Shepaug River have fledged young by now because breeding for them along Shepaug would be a problem for them now. I suspect lots of other birds have been impacted by the damp and cool conditions for breeding especially grassland birds.

Concerning American redstarts, I only heard one American redstart when I did Area K (southern Washington/northern Roxbury) when I did the the Roxbury-Woodbury June Bird Count on June 7. Of course today when a walked along South St and Nichols Hill Rd here in Washington (in Area K) I heard four American redstarts! I suspect my feeble American redstart tally for the June bird count was a combination of timing and warm temps on the day of the June bird count.

On to woodpeckers in Ireland. When I was preparing to go on a bird watch tour of Ireland in the late spring of 1999 I realized that there were no woodpeckers in Ireland. Woodpeckers died out in Ireland centuries ago with the chopping down of Ireland's forests. A couple of weeks ago I noted a item on the Irish national broadcast system's Web-site, RTE.ie, that woodpeckers were again breeding in Ireland. There are now at least 8 nesting sites of great spotted woodpeckers in Co. (County) Wicklow in Ireland. It is assumed that these woodpeckers came across to Ireland from the UK. With protected woods in Ireland, better conditions for woodpeckers in Ireland.

David W Babington
Washington, CT

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