[CT Birds] Housatonic river/Peck's Mill Pond, Stratford

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 18 08:26:13 EDT 2009

6/18, Peck's Mill Pond and Housatonic River, Stratford (6:45a)-
Peck's Mill Pond is the little pond near the intersection of the River Road and Main Street Putney in Stratford.  I've fished there since I was a little kid, and only recently started birding there.  The going is better during migration, obviously, but still a nice little spot.
This morning I noticed they recently made public access to the Housatonic across from the pond.  There is a sign saying 'Peck's Mill Public Access' in front of a small parking lot, which leads to a wooden bench overlooking the river.
Housatonic River access-
(3) Great Blue Herons
(1) Kingfisher (flyby)
(5) Canada Geese
(4) DC Cormorants
(1) Cooper's Hawk (over woods on Milford side)
Peck's Mill Pond-
(1) Least Flycatcher (heard singing)
(1) Great Crested Flycathcer
(2) Redstarts
(1) Yellow warbler (female bring food to nest)
(1) Veery (heard)
-Brian Webster-
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