[CT Birds] Siskins

Jim Zipp jimzipp at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jun 18 09:16:50 EDT 2009

Just a note on Siskins.  After hosting up to 400 or more Pine Siskins this winter in our Hamden yard, they gradually dropped off to approx 12-15 birds as of about a month ago. Then about two weeks ago the crew began to build up to about 35 birds again including youngsters being fed.  In the last week or so they have all of a sudden thinned out quickly and in the last few days I've only had the occasional bird.  Seems like our group stayed to nest and have now begun moving again.  I do remember a report about siskins being seen in the northern part of the state flying northbound and wonder if what's left of the siskins are now heading back to their normal haunts.  One thing for sure is that hosting up to 500 finch including the Goldfinch it will be a winter/spring that we'll long remember.

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