[CT Birds] Please help solve a mystery!

Jan Hamilton janh.2005 at comcast.net
Thu Jun 18 17:20:41 EDT 2009

Hi all - my dad sent me the following. Any insight into why this has occurred and what to do would be appreciated!

"For a week or more no birds -none- have taken any seed from the Niger feeder.  Feeder-wise I am into the warm weather mode - 2 feeders - sunflower and niger.  No problem with the sunflower seeds but I don't understand why no birds are taking from the niger feeder.  It is not that the seed is new and could be bad but the seed is from a bag that I have been using right along.  Also there are no small birds around.  Haven't seen a chickadee, goldfinch or tufted titmouse during the same period.  The sunflower feeder is getting the cardinals, blue jays and red wings as usual.  What possibly is the answer?  Do I open a new bag of niger seed and discard what I have been using?  I never have had this problem with either the small birds or seed before."


Jan Hamilton
Old Saybrook

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