[CT Birds] unidentified bird song

weatherwizard at comcast.net weatherwizard at comcast.net
Fri Jun 19 12:13:09 EDT 2009


I just wanted to thank the many that have tried to identify the Reeeoooo Reeeeoooo reeeeoooo reeeet sound I hear daily, but still haven't figured it out. I listened to all the possibilities, but none fit the song. If anyone can unravel this mystery, I'd love to put an end to my suspense. I'm pretty certain it is a fairly common bird, because I hear it in my yard, and often hiking, but have yet to be able to spot it. I have something I never saw before, and that is 2 catbirds that have discovered they love suet (peanut flavored) in all my years of suet feeders never saw a catbird take to it, they seem to be the most frequent vistors now. At first they could not straddle the suet cage, but now they have become experts like the woodpeckers, anyone else get catbirds at the suet. I also get the blubirds to eat off it, as well as carolina wrens, and of course the wookpeckers, now with fledglings. (mostly downy, and redbellied). Still hoping to find the answer to my mystery bird, which in the end I'm sure is a very common sight.

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