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Janet Jerry Connolly birdshop at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jun 19 13:04:09 EDT 2009

In regards to the Nyjer feeder question:  We hear this frequently in  
the shop, at all times of the year--"no one's eating my Nyjer lately,  
but I had to swat Goldfinches out of my hair 2 weeks ago".
By all accounts, Goldfinches move around in flocks to forage, and may  
move great distances.  It is not unusual to have 40 one day, and none  
the next.  They may stay out of your neighborhood for several weeks.   
Simple patience is required.
There usually is nothing wrong with the feeder/seed, but given the  
rain we've had lately--take your feeder down and give it a shake to  
make sure the ports are not clogged.  Use this "down time" to empty  
the feeder, soak it overnight in a mild detergent bath with a Tblsp  
of bleach.  Clean, rinse well and dry in the morning.
We often recommend that customers only purchase enough seed for a  
month, so as not to store it for long periods. (Nyjer is particularly  
vulnerable to mold).
Goldfinches generally nest later than other songbirds, into late June  
and July--to coincide with the plant materials they use for nest  
material. (thistle/milkweed down, etc.)  It is, however, prime time  
for Chickadees, Titmice, etc right now.
And, lastly, sunflower attracts the widest variety of birds.

Janet Connolly

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