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Fri Jun 19 22:55:11 EDT 2009

>From Bev Propen  6/19  Orange
My backyard feeders have had an invasion of common  grackles this year 
too-5 adults and 2 juveniles; and 4 juvenile starlings  with 3 adults.  House 
finches include 2 adult pairs with 6 juveniles, and  about 6 juvenile house 
sparrows   :(    One pair of  goldfinches show up at the nyger feeder.
Also 1 juvenile Red bellied woodpecker with 2 adults;  2  adult downies 
with 1 juvenile downy.  We have a pair of titmice, and 1 pair  of chickadees 
but I haven't noticed any juveniles there yet.  6 Mourning  doves and 1 pair 
seem to setting up a nest in our blue spruce. Mr. & Mrs.  Cardinal with no 
chicks, and 5 blue jays.  1 Pair of catbirds eat our suet  too with an unusual 
technique-they hop from the flat squirrel baffle and  bang at the suet cage 
and catch what falls out.  The mockingbird has  adopted this technique as 
well. One white breasted nuthatch makes many  trips back and forth, so he may 
have a family to feed.  It makes for an  entertaining morning cup of coffee 
watching out the  window.
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