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Sun Jun 21 11:09:00 EDT 2009

Dear Brian

I must say Brian, I find it confusing that you are making a study on a bird that is not a natural indigenous bird to our State, while the State ignores one that is, and doing so poorly, and is a native of CT. Why are we not seeing any studies of our indigenous RUFFED GROUSE which has become almost non existent in our State for years now? I believe they need much study, to determine why they are not coming back as they have in the past within our State. Is there anyone out there who knows what the State is doing about this declining bird?

I found it appalling last year when I saw a hunter with a recently shot GROUSE in Peoples forest, while knowing this bird has been a declining species for years now in our State. And, this bird is still on our list of legally huntable birds in CT! ........Why?

The DEP is there for a reason, and their is a reason to be concerned about our indigenous ROUGH GROUSE in this State. If anyone out there can tell us what the State is doing about this, or even if they are aware of the situation or even care, please let us all know. We are concerned, and so shouldn't be the State of Connecticut.

Paul Carrier - Harwinton

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