[CT Birds] Hammo Cattle egrets

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 22 00:00:37 EDT 2009

I do believe I am the only one to have missed the Cattle egrets.... unless the 2 in the faaar off distance seen from the end of Moraine trail were them, I have no scope.  They looked small and had yellow/orange bills but 1) I didn't have my glasses, and 2) again... no scope.
I'm wondering where they have been hanging out?  I walked the whole place other than campgrounds and wiffed.  I got a Screech owl and no Cattles.  Peculiar to me, at least!
I got 3 of 4 goals when I did go (Seaside, Roseate and Eider.... wich I got easily).  And I saw 2 Clappers among many kek-ing.  Birding.... what can ya do?
-Brian Webster-
BY the way.... I would think (and hope) I'm not the only golfer/golf fan on the list.... has anyone seen the Barn swallows hawking just inches over the greens while pros are putting at the U.S. Open?  Or hear the Chipping sparrows and Mockingbirds?  I've never noticed these things until I became enthrawled with birds.
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