[CT Birds] Roughed Grouse

Robert Maleski Maleski at msn.com
Mon Jun 22 21:58:06 EDT 2009

Circa 1961-1963 I was a teenager and a hunter.  I grew up in western Massachusetts and spent a lot of time in the woods.  Partridge, as we called them, were certainly abundant and I used to hunt them all the time, although I must say I was never a good enough or quick enough shot to 'harvest' one.

Now I am a dedicated birder. I have mentioned on several birding trips in Connecticut that I haven't seen a grouse in years.  In fact, I did see one two weekends ago while birding in Lenox, Massachusetts, but that was the first and only one in a very long time, and I still have never seen one in Connecticut.

There is no doubt they have declined, but I think people who pick on hunters generally do so out of ignorance, because hunters are important friends of the environment and all species in it.  I support both birding and hunting.

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