[CT Birds] Roughed Grouse

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I had to go to Vermont for a Ruffed.  It's too bad they aren't more abundant here because it was quite and experience hearing him drum, trying to find him, then him getting upset with me.  He pretty much dropped his horns and charged....I must have been too close.
Only seen a Ruffed once, but it didn't compare to the dancing Sharp-tails in North Dakota!

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> Circa 1961-1963 I was a teenager and a hunter. I grew up in western Massachusetts and spent a lot of time in the woods. Partridge, as we called them, were certainly abundant and I used to hunt them all the time, although I must say I was never a good enough or quick enough shot to 'harvest' one.
> Now I am a dedicated birder. I have mentioned on several birding trips in Connecticut that I haven't seen a grouse in years. In fact, I did see one two weekends ago while birding in Lenox, Massachusetts, but that was the first and only one in a very long time, and I still have never seen one in Connecticut.
> There is no doubt they have declined, but I think people who pick on hunters generally do so out of ignorance, because hunters are important friends of the environment and all species in it. I support both birding and hunting.
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