[CT Birds] Directions for the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

John Marshall John.Marshall at nasdaqomx.com
Tue Jun 23 08:24:34 EDT 2009


Park at the intersection of Norton and Freeborn roads in Easton.  Walk
NNW to the second marked trail on the right.  It has a yellow blaze and
a blue blaze.  You will see a narrow boardwalk.  Follow the yellow/blue
trail to the first trail on the right.  It is the pink trail.  Do not
turn back on the yellow trail.  Follow the pink trail up hill till you
reach a fence.  Just to the left of the end of the trail is a gate.  Go
through the gate and cross the field to the east fence.  Go left along
the fence to the corner by the bee hives.  There is a hole in the fence.
Exit to the unmaintained portion of the orchard.  There is a tower that
is about 10 feet tall.  The bird was seen from the tower about 100 in
either direction along the fence.  Most of the time the bird was
perching low above the ground.  It teed up once about 100 feet north of
the tower. Jim Dugan and I did not see it perched on the fence, just in
the trees along the fence.  

I hope this helps.


John Marshall



>Good Morning,
>     Greg's letter states the bird is at Aspetuck Orchard which is a
commercial apple selling business on Rt 58 >in the immediate area.  Look
for a red barn on the east side of the road.
>      Nick's letter states the bird is at the orchard within Trout
Brook Valley.  Previous directions have been >given.
>     I know it's morning, but can we get a clarification of location
>     Thanks guys!
>Mike Warner



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