[CT Birds] the hunting of RUFFED GROUSE

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 23 14:00:35 EDT 2009

I think, like most things, it goes both ways.  I am sure there are hunters out there who dislike us birders for trying to keep them from their sport.
I understand hunting.  I understand the thrill and excitement that comes with it, because I used to hunt when I was younger.  Only deer and bear, but still.  
I don't think it is possible, or fair to say that hunting is the reason for less grouse without factoring in other variables.  I'm sure hunting doesn't help, but all habitats are being lost/destroyed all over the world.  Nature and evolution is in a constant state of flux.  However I'm sure there is a group or person who surveys these things to make sure species do not get over hunted.  If not, there certainly should be.
Did you know it is still legal to kill Bobcats in something like (do not quote me here) 30+ states?  There will always be two sides.  Nonetheless, I feel there should always be someone in between those sides to mediate and manage.  I'd love to hear/learn what DEP or Fish and Wildlife's stand on this particular situation is.  
Hunting is a very big hobby, and it also draws tourists to our foresty New England areas....and more importantly, money for liscences.  I can't help but think money is involved.  Whether not enough to survey the bird's status or worrying about losing money from liscences.....  it is always a factor.
All that being said, I'd love to see one... or even hear a drum solo.
Just my double pennies...
-Brian Webster-

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> Subject: [CT Birds] the hunting of RUFFED GROUSE
> I would like to argue one more point on hunting grouse in our State.
> As i mentioned before, If Hunters have their rights to hunt wildlife here in our State, We as bird watchers also have rights. I believe many bird watchers if asked about the dwindling grouse population here in CT, no mater what the reason for it's down slide might be, would favor the elimination of it off the States allowable hunting list. We are many, and yet have no say in this?
> If we all stand together and insist taking the ROUGH GROUSE off the States hunting list, we just might help to improve the survival and comeback of this bird in our State. We need to be heard, just as hunters get heard all the time.
> This subject is not hunter against bird watcher or vise - versa; Its what can we do to help the Grouse as well as help our interests and rights to have the chance to SEE a ROUGH GROUSE. To me that is the point, and a move in the right direction for the birdwatcher and the Grouse.
> Am I all alone on this here?
> Bird watchers lets hear from you - please be heard!
> Paul Carrier
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