[CT Birds] the hunting of RUFFED GROUSE

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Lets not overlook what duck hunters have done for the conservation and restoration of habitat though thier organizations like Ducks Unlimited or through the purchase of duck stamps. Its the habitat first and for most.


This past weekend I was driving through the Baker Valley of New Hampshire. In a 15 min time period I saw three ruffed grouse. The habitat in the area was abundant. 


In Connecticut a moritorium on hunting will not work unless there is also habitat restoration. Hunters and birders can team together on this one. Anglers do not complain about bag and size limits when they know these regulations are put in place to maintain fish population and thier pastime.  


That being said, if habitat patches are being diminished, cut up and fragmented the survival rate of the grouse will decrease due to predation and nest predation from animals allowed easier access into the interior of the habitat patches. Include human hunters in this statment. Population dynamics is basic..reproduction rate + migration in - migration out- death rate = population. 


We need to stop paving the state and erecting McMansion. I think hunters would agree with us. 
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> I would like to argue one more point on hunting grouse in our State.
> As i mentioned before, If Hunters have their rights to hunt wildlife here in our State, We as bird watchers also have rights. I believe many bird watchers if asked about the dwindling grouse population here in CT, no mater what the reason for it's down slide might be, would favor the elimination of it off the States allowable hunting list. We are many, and yet have no say in this? 
> If we all stand together and insist taking the ROUGH GROUSE off the States hunting list, we just might help to improve the survival and comeback of this bird in our State. We need to be heard, just as hunters get heard all the time.
> This subject is not hunter against bird watcher or vise - versa; Its what can we do to help the Grouse as well as help our interests and rights to have the chance to SEE a ROUGH GROUSE. To me that is the point, and a move in the right direction for the birdwatcher and the Grouse.
> Am I all alone on this here?
> Bird watchers lets hear from you - please be heard!
> Paul Carrier
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