[CT Birds] Orchard Orioles

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Tue Jun 23 21:01:01 EDT 2009

I don't want to step on anybody's toes but  - how  sure  are we they were 
Orchard Orioles.  I know its an orchard, but  that's an awful lot of Orchard 
Orioles and more than I'm sure most of us see in  a whole season.  Wouldn't 
be much better if it were Baltimore Orioles, but  at least different.  
Also, I'm curious what kind of "netting" caused this  carnage.  Every 
blueberry orchard (if that's the term) I have seen uses  very light cheesecloth 
to protect the crop, and while I can see it might trap a  bird now and then - 
15?   many homeowners use the same cloth to  protect their crops.  I have 
never heard of a problem with it.  If  Lyman is using something different, 
maybe they would switch if they were aware  of the problem.  I am sure they 
are not trying to antagonize the  public, and might well be amenable to a 
change if made aware and asked  nicely.  Since this is the beginning of 
blueberry season, a stop there  probably would answer at least the second question 
about the "netting".   Just my thoughts.
Don Morgan
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