[CT Birds] Brown Thrasher

etbchs at aol.com etbchs at aol.com
Wed Jun 24 07:47:51 EDT 2009

6/23? Elaine Taylor in Bristol, CT 
1 Brown Thrasher 9am , wild bushes in field. 
Bobolinks are very active. 
11 Cedar Waxwings immatures and adults, evergreens in field
8 Mourning Doves w/o side spot
3 Tree Swallow fledglings
1 Female Ruby Throated Hummingbird
This was also a very active fledgling day. It always amazes me to see the first flights.? I also had some sort of Thrasher size bird briefly on my lawn. It had a very long tail with a considerable amount of white on it. The bird was overall tan and medium brown with a highly streaked chest. Could not ID. Thoughts?

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