[CT Birds] bird postings - re Chris

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jun 25 10:32:21 EDT 2009

So Chris, 
My understanding from what your last e posting says,is, that we should not care about the birds we see, especially those that might be in harms way, but stay on the one accepted subject of finding all good birds and where they are to tic off on our own personal lists. And that we (all of us?) should not allow others, who might want to save some species that might be in danger, for whatever reason, and notify others of their potential peril, and possibly do something about it to help the species survive in our State? 

If I do not want to read about any posted subject, I have the freedom to just go on to the next - you do as well. I was very interested in the Orchard Oriole's plight, as others were, and thank the one who posted it for us all to see and understand what was going on there. It shocked me. They cared about the birds they so love and find enjoyment in seeing. Are birds that you see just a tic on your personal list, and thats it? Good for you.

Happy birding Chris, and please have a good day.

Paul Carrier

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