[CT Birds] Postings and Partridges

David.F.Provencher at dom.com David.F.Provencher at dom.com
Thu Jun 25 13:26:35 EDT 2009

I am sure everyone who uses this forum has an opinion on what should be
posted and what should not. I am also sure that everyone who posts does so
with good intentions. One sure way to make this forum wither and die is to
make it a battlefield of rebuttal and emotion. I assure you this forum only
exists because certain individuals put the work in to create it and to
moderate it. I will be the first to admit that I am not one of the people
who did that work but I am one who has a great deal of respect for them and
gratitude for what they are doing. This forum won't necessarily last for
ever. I would ask everyone to please use discretion when posting, to post
without personal criticism, and to respect everyone's right to post. It is
the call of the moderator to address unacceptable posts and that is done
behind the scenes, as it should be.

The issues of Ruffed Grouse and Northern Bobwhite in CT are complex ones.
Northern Bobwhite have very complex habitat requirements. Ruffed Grouse
also have fairly complex habitat requirements and have declined regionally.
Neither species will do better in CT (Bobwhite is extirpated in my opinion)
without intensive (and fairly expensive) habitat management. If history
tells us anything about "game" birds it is that the hunting community will
have to be a part of any organized attempt at habitat management for these
birds if that attempt is to have a reasonable chance of success. Neither
birders or hunters have total control over any issue in CT and both can
benefit more from working together than from drawing lines in the sand.
Working together and achieving any recovery of numbers is going to require
mutual respect for each side's opinions.


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