[CT Birds] bird lists, apathy, and solving problems

Sunshine sunny19682 at comcast.net
Thu Jun 25 17:12:12 EDT 2009

Chris, Paul, and everyone else

I find it terribly irresponsible for us as a species to ignore such pressing issues as disappearing species... what good will hunting be if there is nothing left to hunt (and we all know we will never see the day when human hunting is PC - sorry to be crude)?  What good is keeping a list to tic off species if they continue to disappear?  What good is maintaining a healthy biodiversity if we are destroying habitat left and right?  I remember reading a study about violence in overpopulations of rats - boy, I hate to say it but look at our species - are we not so overcrowded that violence is at such a high because the only way people know to solve problems is not through use of the gray matter between their ears but through primal violence with guns?

I'm saddened that we cannot use this list for proactive AND friendly discussion - sure, it may get heated but these topics are indeed pressing issues and I am happy there are people willing to speak up for the inhabitants of this planet that are not allowed to speak for themselves because we are too ignorant to listen to them crying out for help - that all they want is a little place to call home too - a place to raise their families and eat and frolic.  I must ask exactly what good is the sport of 'birding' if it is solely to tic off species on a list?  What good will those lists be if species after species disappears from our biodiversity because we ignored the warning signs and did nothing to prevent it - and it can be prevented from happening?  I think we have a great gift given to us by the creators of this list to utilize it for proactive means to save our wildlife... if it means letter writing campaigns, discussion of proper hunting techniques, or saving species so we ALL (hunters and birders or general wildlife afficiados) can enjoy now and in the future, then we are being irresponsible to not utilize the ability to communicate among each other and put our collective thoughts together to try to find ways to solve the problems.  

Casting hateful emails at each other is not solving the problems - nor is giving flack to someone wanting to find ways to stop the rape and pillaging of our environment.  People, we have a special gift in that we have the ability to use reasoning to solve problems... why is it so wrong to put our heads together and work on such problems or discuss finding ways to educate people so we ALL can learn to live in harmony with Mother Earth?

Please, lets use our brains in useful ways... ways that can make life better for us and for the other creatures inhabiting this planet... I don't want there to come a day when the only place I can see a bird is in captivity...

Donna Lorello

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