[CT Birds] Hammo, Wednesday, June 24

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I arrived around 9 am and drove to the west end, hoping to  see the Cattle 
Looking out over the marsh grass between the Refreshment  Stand? and the 
Camp Store, I saw a Great Egret  stalking his breakfast in the grass just 
behind the dune line.  As I  watched him, I saw a white spot pop up near him and 
sure enough, I had my lifer  CATTLE EGRET.     He was about 200 yards from  
me, but  an easy spot with the scope, and he came out in the open long 
enough that I  managed to get a few pictures of him.  When I left that spot and 
drove back  to the west parking lot I checked the gulls and found a 
Ring-billed  Gull with red wing tags A38, and a silver or white band on the right 
leg  and a red band on the left.  I'll have to try and find that Mass site to  
report it.
About that time the rain that wasn't supposed to fall started,  and I spent 
the next two hours driving around and birding as I could from the  car.  I 
had hoped to look for the sparrow species, but finally gave up on  that.  
Before I left I drove back to the west end, and at the "Swan Pond"  near the 
rotary, spotted 2 Glossy Ibis and a LITTLE BLUE HERON.  When I  first saw 
them, all 3 were together in a group.  I headed back to the  west end of the 
road, hoping to see the Egret again, but nothing was in the  Marsh.  As I 
drove back toward the rotary I spotted a white bird in the  grass right at the 
entrance to the main parking lot, and sure enough, it was the  CATTLE EGRET.  
He was busily feeding in the grass, apparently pulling up  night crawlers 
amongst other things. He paid very little attention to me  when I pulled up 
alongside, less than 40 feet away.  I got some good  pictures of him, albeit 
with the parking lot in the background of most of  them.  Half an hour or so 
later when I left he was still in the same  area.  It was my second try for 
him, but I ended up with a much better look  than I had hoped for.
Pics of the day HERE:
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