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Scott Kruitbosch kbosch at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 19:34:53 EDT 2009

This will be the first and last time I address this publicly. I am sorry I
am even posting this, but since a snippet of what I said was posted the
other day, I wanted to explain myself. If you'd like to dismiss me or take
issue with me, please, spare everyone else and email me privately. I will
borrow from my own words from an earlier private email. I know of several
friends concerned about the path of the list with these politicized topics.
They choose not to speak because of their position or to save themselves
from the email train which would inevitably ensue.

The Cabela's discussion was counterproductive. When people start dialing
numbers, writing letters, and showing up places based on a word or two from
an internet email list, it can create disdain and chaos. This sort of thing
can build rapidly from next to nothing on the internet. The Cabela's case
escalated to the level of posting phone numbers, which should not occur
again. That creates problems for the great people who are actually paid to
work for conservation every day of their lives - you know these people, I do
not have to name them. Businesses, groups, individuals, etc., will be much
less cooperative if they are being attacked or defamed by our community.
Information about this situation is also sketchy at best, and hearsay has
ruled all discussion.

As a 23 year-old man I have been involved in politics my entire life. I have
not, however, always been involved in bird/environmental conservation. It is
clear this is not the way the birding community should go about things,
whether it is because of personal respect and decency to other human beings
or to accomplish it's own goals. I appreciate the heartfelt concern, I
really do. I cannot express this enough. I understand all of it. Emotions
run high because of the deep love for the birds and the environment.

There are incredibly stunning and atrocious problems in this state when it
comes to birds and conservation. All of us know this, too. Working for CT
Audubon with those fantastic guys and being privy to what goes on inside the
conservation efforts every day has shown me all the nightmares they have to
deal with on a daily basis. I do not know how they've done this for years on
end. If this story is true, something should be done about it - but not in
this manner or in this forum.

Everyone subscribed to this list wants to read bird sightings, especially
rarities. It is absolutely vital to remember that not everyone wants discuss
these issues. Opinionated political matters should be separate, and though
I'd be glad to go on about them for hours a day myself, I accept this. On
the most basic level, discussing political matters and actions to be taken
against businesses on a public list run by a non-profit birding organization
is very worrisome. Making statements which may or may not be valid on this
list could be seen as libelous. I urge everyone to remain calm about these
issues, and put all of this passion into pursuits such as Piping Plover
monitoring, eBird, volunteering at Audubon, breeding bird surveys, and so
on. The last thing CT birders need is to divide against themselves like
this, and future discussions in the vein of the previous two will only
compound that problem as well.

Again, if you'd like to attack me, please do so in private so the list can
stay on the topic of Connecticut's birds. I wish you all the best, and good

-Scott Kruitbosch

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