[CT Birds] From Your Moderator

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Thu Jun 25 20:23:48 EDT 2009

Let me start with a point from the rules of the list.  If you want to see all the rules they can be found at:

"... personal disagreements should be handled off-line, not on the list."

Expressing disagreement with ideas is valid when the points are on topic to the list.  However, attacking the person rather than the idea is not appropriate.  On this I really can not be flexible.  If you feel you were personally attacked please bring it to the attention of the moderator (that's me).  In fact any issues you have with the list should be brought to my attention.

Next, the purpose of the list is "the discussion of birds and birding in Connecticut".  I try to be flexible on this point, but it is not a forum for general environmental discussion or exposition.  Environmental issues relating to birds are on topic if they are specific enough that the birding community could actually make a meaningful contribution as a community.  Issues that require the entire state (or nation or world) to address are beyond the scope of CTBirds.

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

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