[CT Birds] Can you help me ID a bird?

Barbara Garrett barbaragarrett at optonline.net
Sat Jun 27 15:14:46 EDT 2009

Hi everyone,

For the past week, I have intermittently heard a bird call in the very early morning (4:45 Am-5:00 AM) which sounds like a Cicada or like when we used to put playing cards in the spokes of our bicycles (now I'm really dating myself!).  I live in a hollow with 90+ foot hardwoods in a low density residential area in north Stamford.  Can anyone help ,me ID this?

Also, has anyone living near me had a Hummingbird yet this year?  I have tons of flowers around that they like, and this is my first year with a feeder, and have yet to see one.  

Thanks to all in advance,
Barbara Garrett
north Stamford

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