[CT Birds] Yellow Headed Black Bird

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Mon Jun 29 10:09:42 EDT 2009

Last year in late May I reported a possible sighting of a YHBB. I had no photos and all on the post agreed it was more likely to be a Bobolink since I have so many here. I wanted to mention that my neighbor has, on 2 occasions, asked me to ID a bird she has seen in a tree about 20 feet from her back porch. She has lived on this property for over 70 years and has never seen this bird. She describes it as having a full yellow head and black body. I asked her to check the head again to see if it is a full yellow head or simply a yellow area on the head and neck. I asked her to check for white on the black back as is the case with a bobolink.? She looked again this time with her daughter. They still say it is an entirely yellow headed bird with an all black body. I've told her to call me immediately if this bird returns-no matter what time and I will check it out. Keep a look out in the field areas off Matthews Street coming from Clark Avenue in Bristol. If it is there, you will be able to see it without going off the main road paths into private property. Maybe you will see what she has seen. 
Elaine Taylor in Bristol

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