[CT Birds] Sandy Pt. terns

MARIA STOCKMAL m.stockmal at snet.net
Tue Jun 30 20:14:02 EDT 2009

This is just a thought about why there aren't any Least and Common Terns nesting at Sandy Pt.  
On and off since I started monitoring Piping Plovers in mid April there has been a Peregrin Falcon present.  The first few times it was a banded adult bird but last Sunday it was a banded juvenile.  The falcon(s) perches on a fence post of the nesting area and sits there for long periods of time and is usually still there when I leave.  
I observed twice Least and/or Common Terns dive bombing the falcon and it would leave only to return again a short time later and perch again.  
This is the first year the falcon has be prevalent.
Maria Stockmal

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