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Wed Jul 1 21:44:52 EDT 2009

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The mulberries, service berries and cherry trees have had lots of action lately. Yesterday I watched a chase between two stunning male tanagers over fruit rights. Today one spent some time in the service berry out front. I have been hearing a tanager resume singing here as well. My guess for the singing, the young fledged.   The chimney swifts in our chimney hatched five young  over the weekend, the bluebirds hatched round two, and the phoebes in the TRW pavilion are on round two as well. The pewee has been singing again as well as the redstart and common yellow throat. 

The only reason I am still up is I have a Yellow- Throated Vireo with me for overnight care that came in to TRW. Fed a diet of prune juice, raw egg white and wheat germ for four days. For any interested parties , NOT  a good choice. If you have to feed an immature passerine, small mealworms or crickets, killed, then dipped in water is a good emergency food easily found at Petco. 

It is a swallow year for us at TRW with Tree, Barn, Northern Rough -Winged and Bank all in rehab at this time, So far only one Cliff from Bloomfield, although I am told there are less present breeding there this year. I am on a steep learning curve with the NRW and BASW as they are immature and I have never raised them before.

Fledglings noted in last two weeks -

Tree swallows - 5 fledged last Sunday and Monday
Song sparrows 
Red -winged blackbirds
Baltimore orioles  
Robins - round two
Rose -Breasted Grosbeak
Tufted titmice
Chipping sparrows

Jayne Amico/Southington


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