[CT Birds] Correction

Chasbarnard at aol.com Chasbarnard at aol.com
Sat Jul 4 08:40:00 EDT 2009

Yesterday, I  incorrectly posted that there were 2 Gray Fox at Pine  Creek 
in Fairfield.  It turns out that they were just 2 very young coyotes.  In 
trying to figure out what they were, I had relied upon one field mark in  
particular - the top of the tail had a black line from rump to tail tip. The  
Peterson series field guide to mammals points that out as a field mark for  
Gray Fox. However, I have since learned that coyotes can sometimes show this  
feature also. Thanks to Rick Bowers via Jim Zipp for help in this. Rick also 
 pointed out differences in the facial pattern which helped to ID them as 
young  coyotes rather than Gray Fox.
 I didn't see them run - which also would have helped in the ID.  Coyotes 
hold their tails down when running, while foxes hold their tails  straight 
out behind them.  My apologies for the error.
Charlie Barnard
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