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Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Wed Jul 8 17:34:30 EDT 2009

I have been too busy to do the daily report for the last couple of days.  Here are some of the reports that have come my way in the meantime outside of CTBirds.

 From R Baade w/Neil Currie--Simsbury, one MISSISSIPPI KITE seen over Great Pond, late morning, off Great Pond Rd in Simsbury.  

 from Tony Hager:
7/8 Middletown, Randolph Road near Rt 9-- Peregrine Falcon in flight being attacked by a songbird with poor judgement (45 mph--didn't ID it; RW Blackbird size).

07/07/09 From: Donna Marschalk, On 07/06/09 a BROWN THRASHER flitting in and out of a hedgerow on Spruce Brook Road, Southbury, the upper end of road near intersection of Purchase Brook Rd.

 From R Baade with Neil Currie, Tom Hook, Greg Hanisek, P and J Dugan Olaf-  
6 July---6 AM Litchfield County, Painter Hill Rd.   Sedge Wren calling, then in sight for at least 30-40 minutes off and on.   Same area as described before but towards back of field.

 From Tony Hager:
7/6/09--Middletown 1:30 PM, over the science tower at Wesleyan--2 BLACK VULTURES.

 From Tom Baptist:
07/05/09  -  Greenwich, Shell Island.  LONG-TAILED DUCK,  a drake, seemed healthy.

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

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