[CT Birds] very vocal juvenile Hairy wdpkr.

Katz1449 at aol.com Katz1449 at aol.com
Thu Jul 9 18:08:13 EDT 2009

>From Bev Propen  7/9  Orange
My backyard birds have had a  very prolific year.   The Hairy Woodpeckers 
just brought their very vocal youngster to our suet  feeder.  It was very 
loud and active, hopping on the branches , begging for  suet.  The red bellied 
woodpeckers have brought 2 juveniles to the suet and  the downy parents have 
brought 2 juveniles to the suet. Titmouses have brought 2  juveniles;
I lost count with the house finch youngsters.  Only one  juvenile cardinal.
I am waiting to see if the white breasted nuthatches bring  their family, 
like they did last year.  It's a fun time to listen &  learn the calls of the 
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