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7/9 & 7/10, Stratford yard/woods-
(1) Common Raven fly-over (7/10)
To echo Bev's post, I too have lots of young ones around.  Two Robin fledglings had me going nuts trying to figure out who was making the sound.  Very interesting... it had some 'thrush-flute' qualities in a simple, quick call.  They were exhibiting flycatcher-like behavior.  They would perch on a branch on the edge of the woods, then fly out into the open area over the grass, and return to the edge.  Then it would do it again, returning to the original perch.
Downys, titmice, red-bellies, and goldfinches all brought young ones at some time.  A nuthatch often comes to the suet and takes a chunk back into the woods, repeating this about 10-15 times in about a half hour.
The Blue-wings had success as well.  I watched at least 3 (two breeding pairs back there) fledglings acting childlike in the power-line edges.  Another interesting juvenile call.
I finally got a look at the baby turkeys yesterday morning.  For a while only 3 toms were around, then yesterday I almost hit a group crossing the road before my driveway.  I didn't see how many in total, but I counted 4 little ones out of those visible.  When I found the nest earlier in the season there were at least 10 eggs.... maybe the coyotes got some?
Has anyone else been noticing dawn/dusk blackbird flights lately??  I live somewhat close to a large winter roost (near Sikorsky bridge) and I've been noticing blackbirds, and Fish crows, acting the way they did in winter/very early spring.  Large groups followed by trickles going west in the morning, east in the evening.  9 Fish crows last night, and at least 75 Grackles the night before.  
I know I've said this before, but I can't get over how fast a praying mantis can grow.  I can now make out their pupils very well, and they are now brave enough to show aggression towards me when I am watching too close.  Very cool thing to have in the backyard.  I just hope they come back, since I was forced to take out the bush they laid their oothecas in for the last 8+ years to fit a new a/c unit.  I have hope though, because one of the 5 oothecas was in another bush, and it hatched.
-Brian Webster-
Stratford, CT
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