[CT Birds] question about loons! Help!

Kris Johnson krisjohnson99 at snet.net
Fri Jul 10 17:57:47 EDT 2009

Was anyone on the moraine trail at Hammo this afternoon? Between 3:00 and 4:00 this afternoon I was out on the cedar Island observation deck at the end of that trail looking over toward the beach and rocks at the end of the moraine trail and I saw three very large loons swimming past the rocks in the water.  Looking through my scope I could see their bills were very light colored, their throats were white and they had a darkish band like a smudge on their upper back in the neck area, but altogether they weren't very dark just a lightish gray/brown.  I looked at my small Sibley there and thought they were first summer common loons, but the bill color was so light I wasn't sure. I'm now looking at my big Sibley here at home and want to turn them into Yellow Billed Loons which I know is probably most improbable or even impossible. Help, would three common loons be together now?  Anyone else with input?  Kris Johnson 

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