[CT Birds] Hammo, 7-10-09

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Fri Jul 10 20:34:55 EDT 2009

Spent a few hours at Hammo this AM before the crowds got  too big.  As it 
was I didn't make it out the moraine trail because I  couldn't park anywhere 
near it.  The female Northern Pintail is still in  the rock pond, but the 
male hasn't been seen for a couple of weeks now.  I  think I may have been the 
last one to see him as I was watching the pair when he  took off and headed 
out over the sound.  She never even looked up.  As  far as I know he hasn't 
been seen since. 
As I headed out to Willard's Island I noticed a lot of  SHARP-TAILED 
SPARROWS going back and forth in the marsh to the west.  It  looked to me like 
several were young ones, so perhaps not all the nests got  flooded out.
A few bad pics of them here, still had the best looks at them  today I've 
ever had:
I also saw a NORTHERN HARRIER out over the marsh, being very  much harried 
by at least half a dozen Red-wings and a couple of other  birds.  I think a 
Harrier is unusual for mid-summer.  
At the Willard's Island platform I counted 15 OSPREY  visible at 1 time.  
One was a chick in the nest (big as a chicken now) and  some were way out, 
only ID-able with a scope.  I think the chick got banded  today, as I saw four 
people and a ladder out at the platform to the left of the  entrance road.  
There were Glossy Ibis scattered all over the marshes, and I  saw one 
LITTLE BLUE HERON at the swan pond near the rotary.  A Great Blue  Heron was 
there as well.  One Common Tern was fishing at that pond today,  elsewhere I saw 
only Least Terns.   I heard but did not see a  Brown Thrasher at Willards.  
 Otherwise, the usual summertime  suspects.
Don Morgan
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