[CT Birds] Stratford ospreys

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 13 09:44:57 EDT 2009

7/13, Stratford yard-
(3) very vocal Osprey flying overhead
I had one osprey fly-over a few days ago, then 3 this morning (8:40a).  The group this morning were lazily circling around and calling a lot.
I've seen osprey over my house before, in March and around this time last year.  I'm wondering, as I did last year, if there is a nest on/near the Housatonic in the vicinity of Sikorsky.  Last year I saw them the most while driving on the big loop at the end of the Milford connector which brings you to Rt-15 south.
I always thought that those marshy islands in the Housatonic wouldbe a cool spot for an osprey platform.
As far as the yard goes, House and Carolina wrens have been around a lot recently with their fledglings.  Yellowthroat, House and Goldfinch, Downy WP and Catbirds have all brough young ones to the yard or wood edges in the last 2 days.
Yesterday a noisy Red-shouldered hawk disturbed a juvenile Red-tail and it's parent while they enjoyed the sun a top a large powerline structure.
I have also been enjoying nightly Wood thrush singing lessons.  At least 3-4 singing/calling at once... maybe more.
Quick insect question.....   is this a moth or a butterfly?  And which one?
This photo was taken towards the begining of this month in the Aspetuck Land Trust orchard in Easton, where the Scissor-tail was(n't).  I also had an amazing adult Cooper's hawk there that day.
(I also have several unidentified dragonflies and butterflies in that folder my gallery.  Maybe if someone has time they can take a gander......)
-Brian Webster-
Stratford, CT
b.webster at hotmail.com

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