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Julie Keefer julie.keefer at gmail.com
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There was actually a discussion on this very topic on CarolinaBirds
recently!  Here is a link to another review of the iBird software comparing
it with other traditional field guides.
http://www.wildlifesouth.com/Birding/BirdingFieldGuideReviews.html  Really
it is more a review of field guides but I was happy to see they included an
electronic field guide as well!  

I have an iPod Touch and I have BirdJam.  I already had the Stokes CDs and
it makes them much more useful.  The way the playlists are set up makes it
easy to find a bird if you have an idea what you are hearing.  There is some
text plus a picture.  It certainly does not replace a field guide.  I had no
luck finding a bird I could hear but had no idea what it was, but if I want
to confirm a bird I hear or determine which warbler or flycatcher that I am
hearing, it is very handy.  I used it to confirm a Cerulean Warbler this
spring, which was great!

Julie Keefer

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Hello all -
Well, I finally got my long-time longed-for iPod Touch :-).  Wondered  
if folks out there had experience w/ and/or strong opinions about  
birding software for it, specifically, BirdJam (which uses the Stokes  
calls CD's) vs. Mitch Waite's iBird Explorer Pro.

Carol Ansel

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