[CT Birds] S Windsor meadows, 7-15-09 - Bird pics

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Thu Jul 16 14:22:58 EDT 2009

I stopped at Strong Rd in the meadows on Wed am around 7:45,  and was 
amazed to see the number of Bobolinks!! They were all over the un-mown  field on 
the right as you drive down through the farm area.  Someone  estimated 20 on 
Monday, but it is my guess there are 50 or more in that  field.  However, 
by 8:15 am only a few were still visible, so it seems they  come out for a 
while, early.  It was possible to get within 25 feet or so  of them without 
any apparent discomfort on their part.  In addition to  males and females 
there appeared to be quite a few juveniles.  There were  also lots of butterflys 
including Red Admirals (I think) in the field.   Link to Bobolink pics here:
Of course the bird I wanted to see again was the Sedge  Wren, and I was 
lucky twice as I saw 2 sitting together in the same clump of  grass, confirming 
the earlier report.  Subsequently both could be heard  singing at the same 
time from different locations. I was able to get some fairly  clear pictured 
of one of them, but unfortunately badly back-lit.  Link to  Sedge Wren pics 
So far no problems with access there, despite dire  warnings on the signs.
Don Morgan
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