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Jean Iron phoned me this morning from Moosonee before flying out to?
the James Bay coast. A crew headed by Mark Peck of the Royal Ontario?
Museum (ROM) will be surveying migrating shorebirds with a particular?
focus on Red Knots. Jean is a volunteer with the ROM. The crew?
comprises Mark Peck, Amy Whitear, Gerry Binsfeld, Doug McRae, Don?
Shanahan and Jean Iron. This morning (16 July) they flew by?
helicopter to Longridge Point about 60 km north of Moosonee on the?
southwestern coast of James Bay. They are camping and surveying there?
until 3 August. See map link below.?
Yellow Rail: ROM crews from 1 - 11 July found 300+ birds including 5?
seen in sedge marshes at 5 survey sites along coast between the?
Quebec border to Attawapiskat.?
Shorebird Migration: only small numbers of southbound adults reported?
to date possibly due to a delayed onset of nesting because of below?
normal temperatures in May and June and a late snow melt. Numbers of?
adults expected to increase soon. Juveniles to follow in August.?
Hudsonian Godwit: 60 adults along coast south of Attawapiskat on 15?
July fide Stacy Gan et al.?
Marbled Godwit: One in early July in vast graminoid peatland 10+ km?
inland from Hannah Bay by Don Sutherland et al. 20 adults along coast?
south of Attawapiskat on 15 July fide Stacy Gan et al. A small?
isolated population of about 1500 Marbled Godwits breeds in James Bay?
where the wide coastal marshes are very prairie-like.?
Little Gull: Five adults, some performing courtship flight displays,?
in coastal fen southeast of Moosonee by Don Sutherland et al. Most?
Little Gulls in North America probably breed in the Hudson Bay?
Lowlands between Moosonee and Churchill, Manitoba.?
Map link below of southern James Bay. Note yellow marker showing?
location of Longridge Point where the ROM group is camped. Ontario?
borders the west coast of James Bay and Quebec borders the east?
coast. However, the provincial boundaries extend only to the high?
water marks on James Bay. Offshore islands are in Nunavut Territory?
whereas the waters and seabed of James Bay are under federal jurisdiction.?
Jean will be calling me by satellite phone from Longridge and I'll?
post several updates over the next three weeks.?
Acknowledgements: Thanks to Mark Peck of the Royal Ontario Museum?
(ROM) and Don Sutherland and Stacy Gan of the Ontario Ministry of?
Natural Resources (OMNR). Thanks also to the other ROM and OMNR crew?
members (sorry if your names were omitted) who surveyed Yellow Rails?
and Species At Risk in early July.?
Ron Pittaway?
Minden and Toronto?
Ontario, Canada?

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