[CT Birds] Segde wren, Sta. 43, Cabella's

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 17 11:51:17 EDT 2009

7/17, Strong Rd., South Windsor (7:20a)-
(1) Sedge wren seen and photographed 
I think I heard the 2nd wren off in the distance, but I'm not sure.  The one I did see was much more photogenic than I had expected.  I actually had to decide that I had enough photos... usually when I photograph birds it is the bird who decides when I've had enough photos.
Also several Bobolinks and Savannah Sparrows, 10+ Killdeer, a Great Blue heron in the small creek running through the first field (on left when walking in), yellowthroats and redstarts in trees before fields, swallows, one swift, and a coyote.
On the corner of Main and Strong Rd. I had a fly-over Osprey vocalizing.
7/17, Station 43, South Windsor (8:50a)-
(3) Least Bittern (2 seen, one heard....lifer!)
(2) Green Herons
(3) Marsh Wrens
(1) female Wood duck
(3-4) Willow Flycatchers
(1) Veery (heard)
(2) Wood thrush (heard)
Also waxwings, Swamp and Chipping sparrows, swallows, House wrens, E. Tiger Swallowtail, and dozens and dozens of Ebony Jewelwings. 
7/17, Rentschler field, East Hartford (10:00a)-
(3) Green Herons
(1) Great Blue Heron
(1) Grasshopper Sparrow
(4-5) E. Meadowlarks
(11) Least Sandpipers
Also about 8 Savannah sparrows, 10+ Killdeer, a couple swifts, Barn/Bank/Rough-winged/Tree swallows, Kingbirds and one single unidentified peep.
When I left there were about 20-25 swallows (mostly Rough-winged, a few Tree and Barn mixed in) were flying low over the pond and skimming the surface ever so slightly.  To me, it looked like they were drinking.  They would zoom in and drop to about 1-2" above the water, lower their bottom mandible, and scoop/slurp up a mouthful of water.  Really cool to watch.
7/17, Rt-15 @ exit 58 (11:00a)-
(1) Sharp-shinned Hawk
-Brian Webster-
Stratford, CT
b.webster at hotmail.com

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