[CT Birds] iPod birding software

Mardi W. Dickinson mardi1 at optonline.net
Fri Jul 17 12:17:17 EDT 2009


Here is my 2 cents about bird software and tools.

I think there are two types of Bird software that I have worked with  
and are very good.

BirdJam http://www.birdjam.com and  iBird Explorer Pro only by Mitch  
Waite's http://www.ibirdexplorer.com

I do like Birdjam and have used it on my ipod before the iphone,  
Itouch came out. I loaded it myself. I found it to be
for my needs abit clunky but the overall concept was great for many  
others. I would suggest using it for only the birds
software as it tends to get mixed up with music I had on my ipod. I  
then found it a pain to zoom all over trying to find what
I was looking for either birds or music. The photos were helpful but  
found that they also messed up the order even more.
Perhaps they have fixed the issue by now.

I decided to go another route. I have a iphone 3G 2nd (generation)  
since last year. The IBird Explorer Pro out of all the individual
IBird software is one of the better ones. its very easy, has a lot you  
need but lacking in areas of certain Info. The maps, sounds,
pictures history info. I just love it. With everything new there is  
always room for improvement.

I would NOT however replace any of my birding guide book BUT think of  
these additional tools for a quick access and extra's. They will
never replace any of my collection of birding guides from the past 30+  
years. The sounds of bird calls are pretty good with both softwares.
Its the ease of having all this stuff in one place

As Nick mentioned too. I use many other apps in addition on my iphone  
to help with birding too. If you get an iphone it won't disappoint.
It makes life much easier for us techies and a blast to use. The  
iphone is a all in one product. Plus the iphone or itouch have many
other features that are a delight.

All in all either one is a good software product and devices. Weather  
you choose an ipod, itouch or an iphone you will be a very happy birder
with an Apple product. it just depends what your needs are, ease of  
use, how much you want to spend, limited or more extensive
services you require from you choice of the tool.

Mardi Dickinson
Norwalk, CT

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