[CT Birds] Sedge Wrens, S Windsor, 7/18

MResch8702 at aol.com MResch8702 at aol.com
Sat Jul 18 11:32:14 EDT 2009

The Strong Road, South Windsor, Sedge Wrens were calling almost  constantly 
this morning (7/18) during my visit from 7:30 to 8:30 AM.  One  bird was 
just a short distance to the north of the old farm equipment mostly  among the 
plants with the white flowers (asters?).  The second bird was a  bit 
farther north in tall brown grasses.  There were quite a number of  brief 
sightings as either bird flew by and a couple times with excellent views  when the 
closest bird teed up on a plant and sang away.  At one point the  closest 
bird flew by with a bit of grass in its bill which it then deposited low  in 
the grasses in what may have been a nest-building effort.  Though male  wrens 
will make multiple nests without actually successfully raising a  brood.
One other thought on nesting potential - Sedge Wrens are pretty late  
nesters so maybe they just haven't started yet (if there are any females  
Other birds present were many Bobolinks and Savannah Sparrows, 1 singing  
Horned Lark, and a Cooper's Hawk flyby.
Many thanks to all you CT birders who helped with directions to the Strong  
Road spot.
Mike  Resch
Pepperell, MA
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