[CT Birds] Southwest Connecticut birding, July 18 - 20

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Mon Jul 20 11:14:57 EDT 2009

Hello, birders.

I visited my family for the weekend and had a nice time birding and butterflying.  

My parents live about a mile from the Red-headed Woodpecker spot in Middlebury but I missed it both times that I searched - from 8:40 - 10:15am on Sunday and from 7:30 - 8:30am today (Monday).  I walked for the first .7 miles along Tranquility Rd. each time.  Other birders were there each time, I don't know whether or not they were successful.

The highlights:

Sat. 7/18
Bent of the River Audubon Center, Southbury
- 1 Black Vulture high overhead, heading north over the North Meadow
- a family of 4 Orchard Orioles in the North Meadow
- a Winter Wren just north of the barn area
- lots of butterflies

Sun. 7/19
Milford Point area, Milford (late morning - mid afternoon, mid to low tide)
- an immature Peregrine Falcon was harassed by about 50 Common Terns, then sat on a sandbar for at least 1/2 hr.  Later, I saw the same bird diving after a Snowy Egret.  The egret repeatedly dove into the Sound to escape.  The falcon gave up and perched on the jetty.
- Great Egret, 18 
- Snowy Egret, 70, mostly in the Sound at/near low tide
- 160+/- Common Tern, mostly adults.  Perched on sandbars at mid-tide, moved mostly to outer jetty at low tide.
- Least Tern, 2
- shorebirds were scarce and only a few species were seen and heard
- Orchard Oriole, 2+

Mon. 7/20
Whittemore Sanctuary, Woodbury (morning)
I had a pleasant hike but no unusual birds seen.  Neat birds incl.:
- Hermit Thrush, 1m
- B.t. Blue Warbler, 1m
- E. Towhee, 3

Take care,

Scott Baron
Fairfax, Va.


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