[CT Birds] South Windsor Sedge Wrens 7/20

Rick Baumhauer rick.baumhauer at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 16:16:28 EDT 2009

The Sedge Wrens off Strong Rd. in South Windsor were both observed  
between 12:30-2:30pm today.  Both called quite frequently, but neither  
"teed up" for good views while I was present.  That said, I did see  
both birds fleetingly as they flew from spot to spot, and was able to  
get several low-quality photos of the northernmost bird singing by  
sheer luck - just happened to have the camera focused on the right  
spot at the right time when it sang.

One bird was just north of the farm equipment on the track that runs  
north from Strong Rd. and divides the cultivated field to the west  
from the open field to the east.  The second bird was to the north of  
the track that joins with the above and runs east, parallel to Strong  

Also seen were one Killdeer (second heard to the west), several  
goldfinches, one Red-bellied Woodpecker heard off to the west, and a  
flyby of a large flock of Bobolink (several females and juveniles and  
a few adult males), including one very cooperative adult male who  
spent a lot of time near the first Sedge Wren, feeding and calling in  
the reeds, and allowing many photos and some video.

Rick Baumhauer
West Hartford

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