[CT Birds] Short Beach, Stratford 7/20

Scott Kruitbosch kbosch at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 00:08:37 EDT 2009

Stratford Point is now open whenever the gate is open, which is typically
during regular office hours Monday through Friday. This is not a guarantee,
as there are times during the week when everyone is in the field or working
at another Audubon office. If you stop by you'll see new signs and some
nicely maintained grounds. Maybe we should have made this more clear at an
earlier date, but it has been "open" in this manner for approximately a

Jim's posting is a surprise, as there are always fishermen walking down the
path all the way around the fence. People are usually in the area, even if
simply taking a walk. Most residents here know it is a popular birding spot,
too. I encourage everyone to try to come down soon - it's a slight gamble,
but you'll likely find someone around.

Scott Kruitbosch
Connecticut Audubon Society
Stratford, CT
kbosch at gmail.com

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