[CT Birds] Shorebird migration begun

Alexander Burdo alexanderburdo at mac.com
Tue Jul 21 07:11:51 EDT 2009

> James,
> I witnessed this behavior twice the previous summer while birding in  
> Cape Cod.
> It is amazing how a species develops a way to catch food that is so  
> much different from the rest of its traits! Take Yellow-bellied  
> Sapsuckers for example-they usually cling to trees in search of sap  
> and insects, but while on a birding trip in Maine this past June I  
> saw a female hawking insects-like a flycatcher.
> But really, if the food is there, why pass it up? A lot of the time  
> Egrets eat fish-if the fish are right there then what do you have to  
> loose? Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers eat insects and if they're right  
> out in the open-even better!
> Good Birding-Maybe you'll get the Baird's Sandpipers like last year!
> Alex Burdo
> Fairfield

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