[CT Birds] Yellow Warblers Migration - Orioles and waxwings

Robert Maleski Maleski at msn.com
Wed Jul 22 01:25:18 EDT 2009

On Sunday the 19th I went to the canal walk between Suffield and Windsor Locks. I walked just the first half mile from the Suffield side.

I saw four yellow warblers, all female. "Field Guide to Warblers" by Donald and Lillian Stokes has excellent spring and fall migration maps, showing both latitude by date and longitudinal breadth of warbler migration.  Their map has the yellow warblers at the MA/CT border on July 20, two-thirds of the way down New Jersey on August 1, in South Carolina on August 10, and on the Rio Grande on September 1.

I also saw around fifteen cedar waxwing fledglings of various age.  I really wish I had a camera, because I saw a fantastic scene that could have been titled "water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink."  Four young birds were congregated in a bush that was a sea of red berries.  The berries were so close some must have been touching the birds.  Nevertheless, the four young ones sat in a tight group waiting for an adult to pluck a berry from the bush and feed them.

Baltimore orioles breed here every year, but on Sunday I saw no orioles at all, so I wonder if they have migrated south.  I also saw a flicker and a kingbird.

In Ellington on the same day near Frog Hollow Road I saw about fifteen northern flickers and an American Woodcock [who was walking along side the country road near some tall vegetation, and did not fly when I stopped to watch him.


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