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Wed Jul 22 15:30:59 EDT 2009

Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center, Milford    7/22
Cloudy, 70 high tide rising
all 3 Osprey chicks are now flying about. At 11:45AM the male  brought a 
fish to the perch, where one of the juveniles was sitting.  The  male ate the 
fish from 11:45AM-12:20PM continuously, without feeding the  squawking 
juvenile.  I had to leave then, so I don't know when the male was  going to feed 
the juvenile.  The fish was black on top and white  underneath.
The rest of the marsh was fairly quiet except for the CAS  kayakers & 
8 Swans & 4 Canada geese on the marsh.
robins, mourning doves, 3 cardinals, a mockingbird, blue jays,  3 purple 
martins and house sparrows.
>From Bev Propen  Orange
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