[CT Birds] A bit late but, Monday...woodcock and whip-poor-wills.

Brian Hiller mudbat13 at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 22 18:07:20 EDT 2009

Sorry for the lateness in reporting this but Monday (July 20) evening in Pachaug State Forest just north of Wyassup Lake in North Stonington I flushe one woodcock and heard another bird coming down from a display flight.  As usual at 8:40pm the whip-poor-wills starting calling and flying around.  I heard a total of 5 and saw 2 others.


Today in Scotland I watched a juvenile Yellow-bellied Sapsucker trying to find insects in the top of a telephone pole.  It made a few tentative taps around the pole before being spooked by a passing car.



Brian Hiller

Willimantic, CT



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